Fathers And Sons

  • : 01-29-2015 |
  • : 23:43 min |
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Rob Yaeger's son, Alexander Greene, wakes up early to catch his father sleeping naked on the couch with his best friend, Brent Corrigan.Later that night, the two of them head out to get a drink, leaving Alexander alone with Brent's father, Nick Capra. They chat for a bit and when Nick gets up to leave, he gets slammed into the wall and forcefully kissed by Alexander. The younger boy pins his friend's father to the wall and they rub their bodies together while kissing deeply. Soon they're up in the bedroom with their shirts off, and it's Nick's turn to pin Alexander down. They rub their hard cocks together through their jeans until Nick rips off Alexander's pants. Alexander takes Nick's erect dick in his mouth, bobbing his head up and down. Nick returns by licking and spitting on Alexander's hairy hole and his toes. Nick throws Alexander's legs up over his head and pounds him until the bed squeaks. Alexander dups a huge load on Nick's stomach while continuing to ride his dick, and then bends down and licks up his mess. Not yet satisfied, Alexander laps up Nick's cum from off his cock. While the two cuddle in post-orgasmic bliss, Nick's wife comes home early to find the two naked in bed together.

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Fathers And Sons Dvd Cover

Fathers And Sons

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Updated on : 01-22-2015

Featuring : Alex Greene, Brent Corrigan, Nick Capra, Rob Yaeger, Ty Roderick

Categories : Anal, Big Cock, Closeted Boyfriend/Caught in the act, Closeted/Straight, Cumshot/cum, Daddies, DILF, Hairy Guys, HD, Mature

When fatherly love becomes forbidden lust. Long time friends Douglas (Nick Capra) and Scott (Rob Yaeger) have watched each other's sons Daniel and Noah (Brent Corrigan and Alex Greene) grow up into strapping young men. But when the fathers and sons get together to celebrate Daniels 18th birthday, Douglas is faced with a sudden attraction to young, athletic Noah. Meanwhile, daddy Scott is seduced by vulnerable, sex-starved Daniel.