Forbidden Encounters

  • : 12-05-2014 |
  • : 37:41 min |
  • : 12412
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Sexy muscle bear Brad Kalvo needs to meet up with young stud Armond Rizzo to figure out their family drama. Brad is married to Armond's sister, making them brothers-in-law, but the two have been fucking around behind her back. The temperamental teen hasn't been getting enough attention lately, so he pouts until Brad takes off his shirt and pushes Armond down on the bed for a passionate kiss. The two slowly remove their clothes and Brad pins little Armond down under his big, hairy body. Armond wiggles on top and starts teasing Brad, rubbing his ass against Brad's erect penis. Armond blows him and licks his balls while running his hands over Brad's chest hair. The guys roll over and Brad puts his stiff cock into Armond's little hole, pinning him down again and having his way with him. Armond jumps on top and rides Brad deep while the bear plays with his own nipples. Armond twitches as his uncut dick is drained by his brother-in-law and Brad dumps his load onto Armond's muscular stomach.

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Forbidden Encounters Dvd Cover

Forbidden Encounters

: 02:19:53
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Updated on : 11-27-2014

Featuring : Adam Russo, Armond Rizzo, Billy Santoro, Brad Kalvo, Liam Harkmoore, Ludo Sander, Ty Roderick

Categories : Anal, Cumshot/cum, Daddies, Hairy Guys, HD, Interracial, Jerking Off, Latino, Masturbation, Mature

Peek into the secret rendezvous of four beautiful male couples who are struggling with intense, forbidden desires. Muscular Billy Santoro is engaged to be married, but his real passion is for his fiance's young, slender brother Ludo Sandor. Similar family conflicts burden tumultuous older/younger couple Brad Kalvo and temperamental, sexy teenager Armond Rizzo. Meanwhile, Ty Roderick struggles with his desire for new stepfather Adam Russo and brother-to-be Liam Harkmoore.