Good Loving

  • : 02-23-2017 |
  • : 19:46 min |
  • : 2074
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Lovers Jackson Cooper & Calvin Banks engage in the most passionate, yet wild boy on boy fucking session! Deep and dirty dick sucking, ass destruction from pounding to licking there is nothing these two won't do to satisfy each other's cravings! Leaving them both cum shooting their loads in to climax!

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Updated on : 04-06-2017

Featuring : Brogan Reed, Calvin Banks, Jackson Cooper, Rodney Steele

Categories : Anal, Ass Play, Big Cock, Cumshot/cum, Daddies, DILF, HD, Jerking Off, Masturbation, Mature

Hot young lovers Joey and Noah (Calvin Banks, Jackson Cooper) each have a history of dating older men. But while Joey's former love Dan (Rodney Steele) has become his mentor, Noah carries deep wounds from his relationship with Carl, the older man who broke his heart. When Joey finally introduces Noah to Dan, Noah's world comes crashing down -- and he's forced to face the painful truth about his past. Starring Calvin Banks, Jackson Cooper, Rodney Steele, Brogan Reed. Written and directed by Nica Noelle.