His Son's Best Friend

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Colton Grey is packing up his few meager possessions from the closet in the room that Adam Russo lent him while he was homeless.As he's about to leave, Adam walks in the house and asks him what's up. Colton admits that his dad has found a new place and he asked his son to move in with him. Adam is concerned about his decision to leave, and admits that he's worried about the boy. Colton grabs Adam and pushes him against the wall into a passionate kiss. The two quickly find themselves locking lips in the bedroom and ripping off their clothes until Colton is fully naked. Adam latches on to Colton's dick until it's rock hard and Colton teases Adam until his cock is matching. Adam's tongue is all over Colton, driving him crazy. He licks the boy's balls and rims him before deepthroating his cock. Adam slips inside Colton and pounds him until he's pressed deep into the mattress. Colton blows a massive load onto himself and Adam quickly slips out to paint the boy in his cum.

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His Son's Best Friend Dvd Cover

His Son's Best Friend

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Updated on : 04-14-2015

Featuring : Adam Russo, Colton Grey, Nick Capra, Sam Truitt, Trent Ferris

Categories : Anal, Big Cock, Cumshot/cum, Daddies, DILF, Hairy Guys, HD, Muscular Guys, Older on Younger, Oral/ Blowjob

Conservative single father Adam Russo disapproves of teenage son Sam Truitt's mysterious new friend, Colton Gray. But when he learns that the sexy, blue eyed teen is homeless, David agrees to let his son's friend stay in the family guest room. Soon, an intense mutual attraction develops between the distinguished older man and the sultry young bad boy. Will caring father David confess his forbidden gay desires?