On the cum back

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Calvin Banks receives a few missed calls from cheating ex-boyfriend Michael Delray. He calls him back and asks him what he wants. Michael confesses that he fucked up and wants to take Calvin for dinner. Calvin accepts. Michael is sad and pathetic, Calvin sees how selfish his ex is but still decides to give him a good fucking after dinner! The two pound each other, sucking hard dicks, full of passion and resentment. Make up sex has never been better especially with no feelings attached on Calvin's part that is, revenge is sweet!

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Updated on : 03-02-2017

Featuring : Armond Rizzo, Calvin Banks, Kory Houston, Michael Delray, Roman Todd

Categories : Anal, Ass Play, Big Cock, Cumshot/cum, HD, Interracial, Jerking Off, Latino, Masturbation, Muscular Guys

Young beautiful Christian (Calvin Backs) falls in love with irresistibly handsome Perry (Michael Delray) only to discover that Perry is playing him for a fool. Distraught and humiliated. Christian's masturbatory fantasies begin to center on rough, angry sex, and revenge fucking. But fantasies can only go so far to satisfy Christian's angry lust, and he soon finds he needs to experience the real thing. Starring Calvin Backs, Michael Delray, Kory Houston, Armond Rizzo, Roman Todd.