The Stepfather

  • : 01-13-2015 |
  • : 20:38 min |
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Casey Tanner is pouting because Adam Russo has been avoiding their guy's nights because of the guilt he feels in hooking up with Casey's boyfriend, Connor Maguire. Adam apologizes and the two stare at each other, contemplating their next move. Casey stands up and leans in to kiss his future stepfather. They give in to their passions, and slowly, articles of clothing start to get removed. Casey takes out Adam's dick and starts taking the length into his throat while his stepfather thrusts. Adam then starts licking and kissing Casey all over his smooth body, ending up at his hard cock. After sucking him, Adam eagerly goes down on Casey's sweet asshole, and fingers him until he's ready to take Adam's dick inside him. They both moan together on the bed, finally giving into the desire for each other, until Casey comes all over himself. Casey finishes Adam off and they share another deep kiss.

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The Stepfather Dvd Cover

The Stepfather

: 01:45:52
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Updated on : 01-13-2015

Featuring : Adam Russo, Brian Davilla, Casey Tanner, Connor Maguire, Ian Levine

Categories : Anal, Ass Play, Athlete, College, Cumshot/cum, Daddies, Hairy Guys, HD, Jerking Off, Jocks

Closeted, middle-aged CEO Adam is engaged to be married to a beautiful woman, but when he meets his fiancee's teenage son Casey Tanner, his secret gay desires become stronger than ever. Can Adam resist the charms of his slender-bodied, pretty blonde stepson? Or will Casey's controlling boyfriend Connor Maguire expose Adam's web of deceit first?