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Forgive Me Father 4, Scene #03

Forgive Me Father 4, Scene #03

  • : 05-26-2016 |
  • : 22:50 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 3163

Tony Salerno enters the confessional and admits his deceitfulness to Father, Ty Roderick. He has been impersonating a priest to seduce young boys after obtaining their trust. Tony has completely hit bottom, and is now asking Father for help.

Back home, Father Ty is asleep, dreaming about the confession he had heard earlier. Tony enters the room and asks Father for help one last time, before leaning down to kiss him on his lips.

Ty rouses from his slumber and wraps his arms around Tony, kissing him deeply. Tony's hand moves down towards Father's crotch. He unbuttons his pants and pulls out his big dick, before lowering his mouth onto his stiff cock and begins to stroke it. They suck each other, and Ty gets to work on Tony's asshole, fingering it to loosen it up. When ready, Father Ty gets on his knees behind Tony, and slowly slides his tool up his parishioner's ass. Tony moans, feeling Father's hot rod hit his prostate. Ty doesn't hold back, pounding this sweet sinner's ass, face down on the bed. Switching it up, Tony takes it face up and can't help himself but jerk his rod. Tony comes to climax, blowing his load on his stomach. Ty continues to hump Tony when he feels the urge as well. He pulls his cock out of Tony and drenches him with cum.

Sugar Daddies 3, Scene #04

Sugar Daddies 3, Scene #04

  • : 04-07-2016 |
  • : 22:55 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 3208

While Jaxton and Billy are having sex in the hotel spa, Tony Salerno and Alexander Gustavo are having their own time together back in the room. Tony is telling Alexander about a blind date he had years ago and how the dating world today has made it difficult for him to find someone. But he was lucky enough to meet Jaxton, and at a bar of all places.

Without taking a second to think, Alexander accidently reveals to Tony that the bar they met is actually where Jaxton goes to hustle. Once Tony puts the pieces together, he realizes that Jaxton is in fact a professional escort. To deal with this news, he leaves to go to his room, alone. Feeling guilty, Alexander goes to check up on him.

Tony believes he's done him a favor. His only concern is not being able to find someone else after Jaxton. But this young buck doesn't think it will be a problem. Maybe, just maybe, the right guy is closer than he thinks. He asks Tony what he thinks of him and he admits of thinking Alexander being hotter than Jaxton. Without hesitation, Alex leans in and kisses Tony on the lips. He pulls away to look at Tony's reaction, and what he notices is a smile that gently forms on his face.

After making out for a while, they take their shirts off. Alexander removes his man's pants and licks his genitals, from his balls to the tip of his dick. Then, he starts sucking on it. Tony takes his turn and changes places with his new hot boy. He takes off the rest of what Alexander is wearing, and wets his cock with his mouth.

Tony feels ready to take it to the next level. He sits on top of Alexander, who slowly slides his hard cock up of this sugar daddy's hole. Tony gets on all fours on the bed with his hot boy behind him ramming his cock up his ass. He fucks him so hard that Tony falls flat on the bed, but Alexander does not stop there. He continues fucking Tony as hard as he can.

Tony turns on his back, with his legs up for Alexander to fuck him some more. This will help him cum faster. He jerks off and within seconds, cums on himself. Then, Alexander pulls out just in time to shoot his load on his daddy.

Sugar Daddies 3, Scene #01

Sugar Daddies 3, Scene #01

  • : 03-17-2016 |
  • : 26:32 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 3692

For Jaxton Wheeler, love is whatever makes you happy, even if that love comes from money. And for a while now, he has been seeing a very generous man, his own sugar daddy, Tony Salerno.

At home, Jaxton is taking a shower when he gets a call from his buddy Alexander Gustavo. Still wet, he picks up the phone and tells his pal that they will be joining Tony and one if his wealthy friends at a hotel suite.

Later that same day, Jaxton and Alexander arrive at the hotel. Tony introduces them to his friend, Billy Santoro, who seems to have a huge attraction towards Alex. And the feeling seems to be mutual. They all move into the living room to get a little more comfortable. After some talks and drinks, Tony turns to Jaxton and tells him that they should leave the room, leaving Alex and Billy to get better acquainted.

In the next room, Tony is excited that Billy and Alex seem to be enjoying each other's company. He leans in to give his man a kiss, but instead, Jaxton stops him to ask him a favor. He explains to Tony that his mother will be undergoing surgery, which will leave her helpless for the first few weeks of her recovery. He would feel better if Tony could get her mother a nurse to take care of her during that time. But Tony feels he's been spending a lot of money on him lately, on top of paying his rent and education.

Jaxton says he's doing the best he can to find a job and the thought of not being able to support his mother for her operation is not making him feel better about himself. His sugar daddy changes his mind and decides to pay for his mother's medical care. He leans in to give Jaxton a reassuring kiss.

Tony sits on the bed, while Jaxton stand in front of him, kissing him. Tony begins by unbuttoning his hot man's shirt. After completely removing it, he holds his body close to him sucking on his nipples and kissing his hairy chest. Jaxton pushes his sugar daddy down on the bed and slowly removes his pants, revealing his hard dick. He plays with every inch of his dick. Jaxton decides he should have his big dick sucked before fucking Tony. He lays down on the bed, enjoying his cock in Tony's warm mouth. Jaxton puts a hand on top of his daddy's head and shoves it down, deepthroating his tool. Jaxton turns him over on his back, bringing Tony's knees to his chest to open his ass cheeks. He slides his cock slowly inside of his daddy, stretching his hole. Once his big cock is inside of him, he starts fucking Tony harder at every thrust, making the bed shake and bang against the wall.

Jaxton flips man over to a doggy style position. With his head in the pillows, Tony takes a rough pounding. These men are ready to shoot their loads. Jaxton fucks Tony on his back again, while Tony jerks off. Just before this bottom is about to climax, Jaxton pulls out and both men cum on Tony's stomach.

Hot Daddies, Scene #04

Hot Daddies, Scene #04

  • : 03-10-2016 |
  • : 20:27 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 2787

After a stimulating day at work, Tony Salerno and Max Sargent get together for a drink. Max admits he had a hard time staying professional during their meeting earlier today. He simply couldn't resist staring at his beautiful man. Tony reminds Max that dating other coworkers is against the company laws and if anyone were to find out about them would result in their immediate discharge. Max believes that is would be worth the risk. Tony moves closer to Max and starts to make out with him.

These hot daddies continue to make out on the way to the bedroom. Once there, Tony gets comfortable on the bed. Max slowly removes Tony's pants and sucks on his rock hard cock. Eyes closed, Tony is enjoying every second of it. Max puts his legs up and places them on his shoulders. He leans down, pushing Tony's knees towards his chest and opening up his ass cheeks. Max rubs his big dick on Tony's hole, then slowly pushes it inside of him.

At first, he fucks him slowly, making sure that hole of his has been stretched enough before fucking him hard. He flips Tony over into a doggy style position, puts his hands on his back for support and rams his ass. Tony jerks off as his ass is being dominated by Max's uncut cock.

Max turns Tony on his back once more and continues to give that ass what it needs. Then he pulls his dick out and jerks off until shooting all of his load on his man. Tony takes his turn and sprays his cum on himself.

Straight Boy Seductions 2, Scene #03

Straight Boy Seductions 2, Scene #03

  • : 02-04-2016 |
  • : 21:29 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 4467
Featuring: Nick Capra, Tony Salerno

Nick Capra invites Tony Salerno up to his cabin to make their meeting more private. Tony feels bad about keeping this a secret from his wife. Agreeing to keep their encounter between them, Tony starts to wonder if Nick is only doing this for the fantasy of doing a straight guy, or if it means something more. To reassure him, Nick sits closer to him and admits that he doesn't want to get his heart broken as well, considering how Tony could go back to his wife and never look back.

Nick then places his hand behind Tony's head and leans in for a kiss. Forgetting about their uncertainties, they start to make out passionately. Nick lays on top of Tony to hold him down while he feels Tony's body. They slowly start taking their clothes off, piece by piece, until only their skin touch. Nick gets on his knees and brings his big cock near Tony's face. Tony is sucking on Nick's uncut dick, getting it all wet. Then Nick decides it's time to pleasure the straight guy by turning him over and spreading his ass cheeks to rim Tony's hole. After loosening up his hole with his tongue, Nick enters his hard thick cock inside of Tony, fucking him while looking deeply into his eyes. Both guys finish by jerking off and shooting their cum all over their hairy bodies.

Fathers And Sons 3, Scene #01

Fathers And Sons 3, Scene #01

  • : 01-26-2016 |
  • : 42:37 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 5866

Kory Houston and his Dad head up to the mountains to bond. His dad was never around, but when he got caught having sex with an older man in the school washroom his mother freaked. Maybe having a father-son retreat to the mountains would set the boy right. Getting to the site, they run into his Dad's old college professor, there with his son Armond Rizzo. After an evening of chatting in the cabin, the fathers and sons make plans to go out and collect biology specimens the next morning. Wanting to make it an early day they decide it's best if they all sleep over.

Armond and Kory Houston are in bed, ready to head to bed early when they get to chatting about their lives. Armond tells Kory about the time he was at a party and hooked up with his friend's Dad, Tony Salerno.

It was at a party, Armond and his buddy's dad had an immediate attraction and later in the party make their way to a secluded corner of the house, making out. Getting on his knees, Tony unbuttons the younger man's pants and starts worshiping the younger man's long tanned dick. Armond's bulging pecs and washboard stomach flex in pleasure as the older man works on his stiff throbbing cock. Tony is more than happy to help him get off, rubbing his ripped stomach as Armond massages his thick load from his hard dick.

Telling Armond that the story is getting him all hot and bothered, Kory jumps at Armond's offer to tell him a bedtime story. As he climbs from one bed to the other, his pajamas are already tenting out. Armond notices, and starts rubbing his chest as he tells him his fairy tale bedtime story. As they make out, Armond pays close attention to Kory's nipples. He reaches into the tenting bottoms and Kory's dick twitches as the young biology major's hot tongue glides across his shaft. He takes his cut cock into his mouth, sucking it up and down. The boys kiss the other boy passionately; Armond's own long johns prominently tenting. It's Kory turn to suck on his prize, Armond's long uncut cock. He teases his foreskin, before deep throating his long dick. Armond plays with the beautiful ass in his face, tonguing his hole, before Kory takes his turn playing with Armond's. Kory gets the hole wet before plunging his long cock into his hole. Kory pounds him, taking him to town, Armond pushing back into him, kissing him while the tall beautiful man slams his hungry ass.

Riding him, his cock hard Armond climbs off Kory, flip-fucking him. From a push-up position, he uses every muscle in his toned core. Kory moans with pleasure as Armond's big dick slams his awesome young hole. Blowing his load all over his stomach, Armond's cock massages him from the inside as he pushes into him slowly. Pulling out of him Armond cums onto Korey's smooth stomach, his cum leaking out from behind his lengthy foreskin. Smearing the cum between them, they kiss goodnight.

Forgive Me Father 3, Scene #04

Forgive Me Father 3, Scene #04

  • : 01-14-2016 |
  • : 31:09 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 3672
Featuring: JD Phoenix, Tony Salerno

JD Phoenix visits Tony Salerno at a secret location away from the Church. Privately, JD confesses his forbidden desires and sins to the older man dressed in his priestly robes. JD finds it odd that they met away from the church, but understands discussions such as these require privacy.

When Tony learns that the boy decided not to go through with his urges, he's disappointed, but decides to use it to his advantage. He explains that everyone has secrets, but it is OK since they are discreet in their goings-on. The truth is that punishments relate to getting caught.

JD understands what he means, and as he reaching over to the younger man comforting, he relishes the contact he has with him. He grips the young man's shoulders, massaging them. JD presses his face up against the priestly robes, looking up with his big eyes, trustingly. Tony rubs the younger man's shoulders, before unsnapping the front buttons of his vestments.

JD rubs his hands over the priestly uniform, as Tony unbuckles his pants. His dick is rock hard, it's head sticking up out of the top of his black briefs. JD breaths in deeply, the smell of man leading him into temptation, overcoming him. He sighs with tremendous pleasure and licks the stiff cock before him. Bringing it into his mouth, sucking on it.

Moving towards the bed, Tony leans backwards, careful not to interrupt the blow-job he's receiving from the altar boy. JD sucks on his dick head as Tony unbuttons his shirt, exposing his furry stomach.

Their lips meet for the first time, electric sparks fly as forbidden lust takes hold. JD's smooth young body presses on Tony's. Tony pulls him on top of him, keeping a firm hold on his cheeks, as his tongue explores his young ass. Penetrating the young parishioner, Tony fucks him on the bed, his stiff cock sliding in and out of his tender hole. Taking him deeply, JD grabs the back of his head, encouragingly.

Rolling over to kiss slowly, Tony jerks himself off with fervor, as JD brings himself over the edge, spurting onto his stomach, the sight of which pushes Tony over the edge.

Forgive Me Father 3, Scene #01

Forgive Me Father 3, Scene #01

  • : 12-24-2015 |
  • : 16:04 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 4300

Altar Boy Kory Houston is in training to become a priest, but he fears rejection from the church for bringing men to the bedroom. Wanting to end what he has with parishioner Tony Salerno, Kory has a plan that will allow Tony to keep having sex with other altar boys, so he can use the stories as fuel for his fantasies.

Stripping him of his gowns, Tony makes out with the smooth young man. He feels his chest and erect nipples as the boy strips him of his own Sunday best. Kory gets down on his knees and takes the older man's thick dick into his mouth. Sucking it earnestly, deep-throating it, he tongues the bottom of his shaft.

Taking his turn, Tony sucks the young man's beautiful long cut cock. Slurping the shaft from the base to the tip of the head, he follows with a thorough stroking with his hands. Climbing into bed, they press their excited taut bodies together, Kory sucks on Tony's nipples before taking his throbbing rod back into his mouth, choking himself with pleasure.

Stiff as a board, Kory kisses Tony once again, before positioning his ass for a thorough tonguing. Stroking Tony's cock while he's being sucked, the married man holds firm, massaging his smooth luscious ass cheeks. After getting nice and wet, Kory climbs under his Daddy and takes his thick cock in deep even strokes.

Crying out in pleasure as he's being fucked, Kory looks at Tony longingly, who kisses his cheek lovingly. Passionately making out, they flip it over and Tony takes the younger man's long stiff cock. Kory watches his long white pole disappear into Tony's hot ass, exploring it. Tony takes the pounding, enjoying the long thrusts into him. Getting closer and closer, he explodes everywhere. His cum sprays all over Kory and himself. Kory pulls out of the older man and finally cums onto his stomach with a trembling release.

Schoolboy Fantasies 3, Scene #04

Schoolboy Fantasies 3, Scene #04

  • : 12-17-2015 |
  • : 22:32 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 5680

Bryce Acton sits on his bed, bored of the textbook he he's reading for class. His mind wanders to memories of the other night when his Italian professor, Tony Salerno, dropped by after class. Unsure of the dorm room tryst, Tony is easily convinced by his hot young student. Telling the school boy to come closer, they share an electrifying kiss between them. Tony's hands explore under the boy's uniform while Bryce runs his hands over his professor's suit jacket.

Slowly stripping each other of their layers, Tony nervously fumbles with the button's on Bryce's shirt. But it's not long before they're one on top of the other, grinding with forbidden passion. Tony tongues Bryce's cut dick and balls before licking his tight young ass. Bryce lets himself enjoy the rimming, relaxing enough to take Tony's thick professor dick. Tony and Bryce lay next to each other, stroking thick ropes out of each other.

Schoolboy Fantasies 3, Scene #02

Schoolboy Fantasies 3, Scene #02

  • : 12-03-2015 |
  • : 25:04 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 4270
Featuring: Sam Truitt, Tony Salerno

Sam Truitt comes by the shop, but mechanic Tony Salerno is surprised to see him still dressed in his college uniform. Tony tells him to go change, but sadly Sam didn't come by to work. Unexpectedly, he tells Tony that he won't be able to work at the garage anymore. His dad made it clear his focus should only be on school.

Over pizza and drinks they reminisce about the good times. Tony has grown close to Sam, like the son he never had. Tony nervously reaches over and touches Sam's knee, gripping it with his hand. Leaning over for a kiss, Sam nervously kisses him back. Realizing it's what they both want, they share an intimate moment.

Rolling around on the shop floor, Tony removes the boy's tie and Sam reaches up to feel the older man's abs, tight and toned from physical work. Reaching for his pants button Sam feels lower, pawing at the older man's stiff tent. Tony pulls him on top, but not before pulling the thick college sweater over his head and stripping him of his school clothes.

Making out, they explore ach other's bodies. Tony pulls down Sam's white briefs, sucking on the boy's long stiff cock. Sam feeds it to Tony, who relishes his balls, wanking himself. Moving into a 69 position, Tony rims sam's ass, taking in the boy's aroma. Sam sucks on the older man's stiff cock.

Sam fucks Tony on the shop floor, pushing his long dick into his mentor, pounding him steadily. Tony gets close to the edge, and cums onto the shop blanket beneath him. Sam pulls out and cums onto Tony's back just moments later.

His Daughter's Boyfriend 2, Scene #01

His Daughter's Boyfriend 2, Scene #01

  • : 10-06-2015 |
  • : 23:09 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 5595
Featuring: Adam Russo, Tony Salerno

Adam Russo visits his old high school buddy Tony Salerno, and when Adam finds out that Tony and his wife are breaking up he's taken aback. What's even more surprising is when he learns Tony isn't attracted to women. Tony knew his marriage was over when he finally experienced the intimacy he was lacking with a man, feelings he never experienced with any woman. Having been too scared to experiment with guys since he was a teenager, it was a revelation!

Tony is unsure if his buddy will accept him, but Adam assures him that won't give up on their friendship, reaching in for a reasuuring hug which ignites something between them. An unsure gaze develops into a passionate kiss. Their hands soon explore each other's bodies, taking off their shirts and pants before Adam works Tony's pole.

Tony takes his turn and tongues Adam's hairy butt hole, licking it deeply right there on the couch while Adam moans in pleasure. Adam flips his old buddy over, fucking his muscular jock ass while Tony jerks his cock, cumming all over hims stomach, his body shaking with excitement

Tony strokes his buddy's chest hair, while he pulls on his balls Adam explodes onto his old friend's stomach.