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Sugar Daddies 2, Scene #01

Sugar Daddies 2, Scene #01

  • : 12-29-2015 |
  • : 23:02 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 3215
Featuring: Nick Capra, Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson sits on the edge of the bed, buttons his shirt, and wants to slip out early morning. Nick Capra wonders why he doesn't sleep in with him, and leaves so early after staying the night. He's in search of human affection, and has grown to care about Wolf, who treats him like an ATM.

Wolf is defensive, saying Nick knew the terms when they made their arrangement. Threatening to break it off, Nick tells him they should stop seeing each other. But, Wolf can't give it up.

Jumping up on the bed, Wolf decides to give him what he wants. Angrily he stares into Nick's eyes and tells him he loves him. Nick feels Wolf's body, grabbing his lower back and reaching into his pants. They make out passionately as the older man unbuttons the shirt he just finished buttoning. Moaning in ecstasy, Nick cries out as the younger man tongues his pert nipple poking from underneath a thick covering of chest hair.

As he disrobes, Nick exposes his tanned muscular ass. Taking his thick sugar daddy dick into his mouth, Wolf licks it up and down. Tonguing his balls, he gives them extra attention along with his big thick cock's head while his hand is buried in the patch of thick curly hair at the base.

Wolf takes his turn, shoving his thick young dick into Nick's waiting mouth, spitting on his dick as it enters Nick's mouth, Nick is happy to take as much as he can. Laying Wolf down on the bed, he sucks the sugar boy's cock before sliding his big Daddy dick into his hole for some slow deep fucking.

Wolf loves the big cock slowly stretching his hole. Laying him on his stomach, he reenters from behind he picks up the pace, pounding him with long deep strokes. His face flushed with pleasure, Wolf pulls on Nick's muscular forearm, encouraging him.

Nick takes his turn on the bottom, and Wolf pounds into his ass. Soon, Nick explodes! His cum sprays everywhere, and making out, Wolf jerks his cock and sprays a big stream of cum into the hair on Nick's stomach.

Schoolboy Fantasies 3, Scene #03

Schoolboy Fantasies 3, Scene #03

  • : 12-10-2015 |
  • : 24:45 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 3403

Brandon Wilde is sitting down for an afternoon study session when a surprise knock at the door interrupts him. It's Wolf Hudson, who's come by to check on the sound system at Brandon's mother's request. Brandon is suspicious. His mother never told him her stereo was having issues, but Wolf convinces him to let him inside to take a look.

Brandon's suspicions are confirmed a few moments later by text. He asks him to leave, but the conversation turns creepily sinister as Wolf reveals that he's been stalking him for a long time, watching him and thinking about kissing him.

Reaching up, Wolf caresses the boy's face but as Brandon fights, Wolf pushes his down onto the couch. His hands feel the schoolboy's toned body through his uniform, and Brandon increasingly relents. Letting him get seduced buy his stalker, getting flipped over on top and stripping him slowly of his clothes.

Brandon grinds his ass on the front of Wolf's pants, before unzipping them to discover the huge throbbing uncut cock within. He teases the dick, sucking on Wolf's foreskin. Wolf lays down next to the boy, stealing his kisses before leading his warm mouth back to his cock.

Wolf pushes Brandon down, licking his boy hole and playing with Brandon's stiff cock from behind. In heaven, Brandon pulls Wolf's face deeper into him, fucking Wolf's face with his ass. Brandon sucks on Wolf's dick, his hand working the pole like a stripper on Saturday night. Pulling Brandon on top of him, Brandon bounces op and down on his thick dick.

Leaning Brandon over the couch, Wolf drives his throbbing cock into the college boy's ass, who thrusts back into him, eagerly. Licking his lips in pleasure as wolf caresses his smooth body. Brandon is once more flipped onto his back and as Wolf fucks him, he cums all over his stomach. It's not long after Brandon cums that Wolf pulls him close and puts himself over the edge, blowing his load onto Brandon's stomach as they make out.

Schoolboy Fantasies 3, Scene #01

Schoolboy Fantasies 3, Scene #01

  • : 11-26-2015 |
  • : 28:20 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 4594
Featuring: Wolf Hudson, Ethan Slade

New step-brothers Ethan Slade and Wolf Hudson meet for the first time, and have the house by themselves. Ethan's first time away from the dorms in four months, he can't wait to get outside and get back to nature. After coming in from their adventure, Wolf walks in on Ethan, dripping wet and freshly washed and dressed in nothing but a towel. Wolf is grateful for his new brother showing him around, he was bored out of his mind before the beautiful boy showed up.

Kissing passionately, Wolf pulls Ethan close, who pulls at the bearded stud's white shirt longingly, and lets the towel around his slender waist fall to the floor. Wolf's sweet tooth craves a taste of hot prep school boy, and pushes him down onto the bed, his hand touching his smooth body, stroking the boy's stiff dick. Ethan takes his turn, climbing on top of Wolf, kissing his toned stomach as Wolf removes his pants. Ethan takes Wolf's hefty cock into his mouth, sucking it down to the base.

Ethan lays down on the bed as Wolf tongues his ass, his bubble cheeks ready for fun. Wolf sucks Ethan's dick from behind, before flipping him over to continue blowing his long dick.

Making out, they grind their dicks together before Wolf positions himself over the young man's body, and pumps his huge dick into his tight waiting ass. Wolf builds in intensity, taking him from on top and driving his tool deep into the shoolboy. Ethan climbs on top of Wolf, and stroking his long shaft, he guides it into his ass. His smooth cheeks bounce on the dick as his own rubs on Wolf's stomach. Pulling Ethan into him as he thrusts deep, Wolf fucks the cum right out of him.

Ethan wants it even more, as he keeps going, wolf flips him over and starts fucking him intensely. As the boy's cum slides down his own abs, he explodes, shooting puddles of cum onto the boy's stomach.

Daddy's Big Boy 2, Scene #01

Daddy's Big Boy 2, Scene #01

  • : 11-03-2015 |
  • : 22:44 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 3629
Featuring: Adam Russo, Wolf Hudson

Adam Russo impatiently awaits his potential buyer. Frustrated, he's late for a dinner with boyfriend who's waiting for him. Wolf Hudson eventually shows up. Late and looking like a convict, Adam looks down his nose at him and insinuates he could never possibly afford the property. Regardless, he agrees to show the place.

It's not long before they find themselves in the master bedroom, where Wolf confronts Adam about his dismissive attitude.

Discounting him for not being flashy will cost him big, and Adam realizes his mistake and feebly tries to apologize to Wolf, bringing focus back to the house for sale. But feeble attempts at apology will get him nowhere, and he shows the older Daddy who's really in charge.

Shoving the older man onto the bed he climbs on top of him, taking control. Pulling off the older man's expensive clothes he pushes him to his knees, cramming his huge dick down the real estate broker's throat.

Wolf tears the pants off him and shoves him against the bed. He wants a taste of his ass before he moves forward and deep licks his hairy asshole. Punishingly, Wolf makes sure the older gentleman likes it before holding back what the broker really wants.

Ready to take his long thick member, Wolf pushes it into the Daddy's ass, breathing heavily. Wolf licks his ear as Adam moans, as his stiff cock pushes into the bed. Pounded by the thuggish young buck Adam's eyes roll back in pure pleasure, but Wolf pulls out of the older man, cumming onto Adam's hairy stomach.

As one of his hands pulls on his shaft, and the other on his balls, he takes no time at all to finish all over himself, covered in pools of cum.

The Stepfather 2, Scene #03

The Stepfather 2, Scene #03

  • : 10-15-2015 |
  • : 13:15 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 4756
Featuring: Wolf Hudson, Sean Cross

Sean Cross's new living situation is making it hard to get laid. He invites Wolf Hudson over for some quick action, but they need to hurry if they don't want to be caught by his roommate. Sean mounts bearded stud Wolf and rides him, his jeans tenting out.

The pants come off and Sean sucks the thick meaty dick waiting for him. Wolf climbs on top of Sean, sucking his long cut cock, slurping all of it up. Grabbing the back of Sean's head, Wolf pulls his face into his rock hard erection.

Deep rimming each other back and forth, they each groan in ecstasy, pleasure overcoming them.

Once Sean's hole is nice and wet, Wolf climbs on top of him and thrusts onto his ass crack, pressing his huge cock into his lower back. Holding each other close they jerk themselves off in a flurry of waving fists and throbbing dicks before streams of cum fly from their stiff rods.

His Sister's Lover, Scene #01

His Sister's Lover, Scene #01

  • : 09-08-2015 |
  • : 22:55 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 6175

Tommy Defendi is caught in a cycle of one night stands and meaningless hookups. His sister is getting married and wants to see her brother as happy as she is but Tommy isn't ready to change. He's content with the way his life is. Wolf Hudson and Tommy are making out in the bedroom but things heat up quickly as Tommy and Wolf take turns sucking each other's big cut cocks. Tommy worships every inch of Wolf's dick, sucking it from tip to base, pressing him against his full beard. Wolf sucks on Tommy's, guiding his cock to the back of his throat, making his eyes water. The boys flip fuck, Wolf being the first to fuck, pounding Tommy's hole after a long hot rim session. Tommy flips Wolf over and fucks him hard, while Wolf on his back. Wolf jerks his long dick while Tommy fucks him and blows his load all over his stomach. It isn't long before Tommy is ready to cum and pulls out to cum on Wolf as he kisses his neck and they make out.

Guys Kissing Guys, Scene #04

Guys Kissing Guys, Scene #04

  • : 08-27-2015 |
  • : 30:31 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 4667
Featuring: Wolf Hudson, Dirk Caber

Dirk Caber is out on the deck in the Autumn sun, gazing down the road at a young athletic man, Wolf Hudson, walking up the driveway wearing denim and work boots. Dirk gestures for him to come toward the house, inside. Wolf is friends with Dirk's son, which is why they've been hiding their attraction to each other. Dirk expresses how long he's wanted to touch him, and is honestly surprised that Wolf decided to come out to the cottage.

Knowingly, Wolf leans in and initiates a kiss which soon turns into a heavy make-out session. Wolf licks Dirk's ear driving him wild, but not quite as much as when he licks the older man's nipple. Daddy is in bliss as they dry hump, and he licks the younger man's armpit. It isn't long until Wolf tears off Dirk's pants and starts to lick and suck his balls. Dirk, unable to contain his excitement reaches out and palms Wolf's ass through his jeans, soon reaching inside to discover this forbidden young man's thick rod. Wolf plays with Dirk's ass, fingering it with his wet index, and sucks his dick voraciously. Wolf flips his buddy's dad onto his stomach and takes him from behind, fucking him and kissing him sensually.

As Wolf is pounding Dirk's ass, streams of precum are flowing from the tip of the older man's cock, and Wolf flips him fully onto his back from his side and passionately pounds his ass, hitting his prostate on every thrust. Dirk finally lets himself go and cums all over his stomach. Watching the older man come is enough to bring Wolf over the edge, and he cums right over Dirk's stomach. Sweatily they embrace, lips locked.

Sugar Daddies, Scene #02

Sugar Daddies, Scene #02

  • : 08-18-2015 |
  • : 24:27 min |
  • : 26 |
  • Views : 3863
Featuring: Ian Levine, Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson is lying in bed with his boyfriend Ian Levine, but his attention is focused on his phone which is constantly pinging. Ian is getting increasingly annoyed that his boyfriend's attention on anything other than him. When Wolf tells him that he has to message the man on the other side of the phone if he wants to pay his rent, Ian gets angry and jealous.

Ian is familiar with having to work all the time and not have any money, and Wolf explains that older men can sometimes want to feel involved in a younger man's life. And, they can show an interest in helping younger guys out. When Ian learns that he has sex with these men, he gets insecure, but Wolf reminds Ian how much fun they have and tickles him. They kiss passionately, lovingly. Wolf climbs on top of his younger boyfriend dry humping him, slowly removing Ian's clothes. Wolf sucks the bottom boy's dick and wets his ass, moving back to the dick slowly sucking up and down.

Ian climbs up on top of his older boyfriend in a 69 and sucks Wolf's long dick, cherishing every inch, getting his ass ready for it. Wolf slowly inserts his giant dick into his younger partner, and flips him over, working it in till he can take every inch. Ian loves the attention, and the dick feels so right. Wolf fucks his boy on his side and they both explode on Ian's stomach.

Post coitus Ian asks him if he's turning tricks, but Wolf tells him it's just Sugar Daddies. Jealous that he gets to have sex with other people, while he's faithful, Wolf has the perfect solution...

Guys Kissing Guys, Scene #02

Guys Kissing Guys, Scene #02

  • : 08-13-2015 |
  • : 39:17 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 5457
Featuring: Wolf Hudson, Robert Axel

Robert Axel is running beside Wolf Hudson in the park, encouraging him to push himself harder and harder with sets of pushups and sprints. But unluckily, Wolf soon overdoes it and they have to cut the workout short. Robert helps an injured Wolf through the doorway, laying him up on the bed with a sprained ankle. While Robert is icing down Wolf's ankle, Wolf tells him how he appreciates him and thanks him for so much he's been able to achieve he's been since he met him. Robert feels much the same way, inspired as he's watched him overcome the obstacles he's faced.

Robert checks Wolf's ankle for injury, and warms it with his hands from the cold ice. He begins to slowly massage his foot, increasing the blood flow to his tender appendage. As the massage begins to creep up to Wolf's calf he is clearly enjoying the pressure. That's when Robert catches the glances Wolf is sending him, and their gazes meet. Leaning in for a kiss, Wolf takes a chance and they being to make out, tonguing each passionately. Robert climbs on top of his injured student and massages his chest while he's kissing him with building intensity. Soon they're naked, the hulking men rubbing their leaking cocks together. Wolf leans over and takes his trainer's thick black meat into his mouth, sucking up and down.

Stopping the sexy blowjob for a few seconds so that he might kiss him again, Robert returns the favor, sucking on Wolf's dick and sucking on his hefty balls. Wolf moves onto his stomach and Robert begins to rim his tight hole sensually, getting his protege's ass all wet for his thick black cock. Their lips touching again every so often, Robert moves Wolf into a spooning position, giving him full access. Robert lovingly kisses Wolf's head, spooning him. Soon, Wolf needs wants to return the favor, and they flip their positions, wolf fucks his ebony trainer. It's not long before Wolf brings himself to the edge and cums over his own abs. Then he begins to make out with his trainer, sending Robert over the edge, his dick becoming a cum fountain, pulsing puddles of cum.

Sugar Daddies, Scene #01

Sugar Daddies, Scene #01

  • : 08-11-2015 |
  • : 26:12 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 6614

Sugar Daddy Adam Russo doles out cash to Wolf Hudson as they're setting the mood and getting ready for a night of drink, cash and kink, featuring three sided debauchery.

Money flies as JD Phoenix dances for Adam, shaking his tight ass in his blue and white briefs while Wolf humps suggestively, teasing his Sugar Daddy. Adam is a dominant who prefers to keep company with younger guys, and isn't shy about greasing the wheels. Wolf is more than happy to oblige him, because older guys know what they like and it helps him pay the rent. But, when JD is looking for a little more money, Adam wants a piece of his ass in return. JD starts to suck Wolf's dick on Adam's command, while he pulls down those briefs to expose his pink hole and Daddy dives face first into the boy's sweet ass.

It's a feast for the senses, and everyone's got something to play with. Adam watches while Wolf Fucks JD first, stretching him just enough for Daddy to take his turn. JD is loving every second of the pounding he's getting, eventually getting his own turn at penetrating his benefactor, sharing Adam's Daddy-hole with Wolf. After being pounded while watching JD jack his young cock, Adam cums all over his hairy belly. As he's coming, his pulsating asshole brings Wolf to the edge, and isn't far behind, pulling out to blow a second load all over Adam's stomach. JD is last to come but not least, sharing his seed coming on and in Adam's mouth. He leans in for a tender kiss sharing his come, tasting himself on Adam's tongue and in his beard.

JD and Wolf are lying in bed, reflecting on the freaky goings-on of the evening. Wolf gives JD some advice, to milk it while it lasts.. Sugar Daddies love to pay to play while they're young. JD exclaims that he loves his job, but Wolf has been in the game longer and sees the nonsense in it.

Brothers, Scene #01

Brothers, Scene #01

  • : 05-19-2015 |
  • : 26:25 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 9939
Featuring: Alex Greene, Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson, Connor Maguire and Alex Greene are hanging out and shooting the shit together like friends do. Connor mentions that his dad is getting remarried to a woman with a son, and they're moving into his place on the weekend, but he hasn't met them yet. He leaves to go and help his dad get the house ready. Wolf and Alex are left to their own devices and immediately start making out and rubbing their hands all over each other. They take their passion up to the bedroom and soon Wolf's cock is in Alex's hands. The guys get fully undressed and Alex starts bobbing up and down on Wolf's shaft, lubing it up with his spit. Wolf teases Alex by licking his nipples. Then the boys spoon on their side and Wolf starts fucking his friend and kissing him at the same time. The guys flip over and Alex gets a turn to fuck his friend while stroking his dick. Wolf grunts as he cums on Alex while getting fucked.

Forgive Me Father 2, Scene #02

Forgive Me Father 2, Scene #02

  • : 04-28-2015 |
  • : 31:15 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 7548

Connor Maguire needs to get a weight off his chest, so he goes to confess his sins to Father Brendan Patrick. He was partying one night with a friend who introduced him to Wolf Hudson, and the two guys hit it off right away. They go into the kitchen to grab a refill, and Connor realised that he was drunker than he thought he was. He was feeling sick and dizzy, so Wolf brought him into the downstairs bedroom to lie down. Connor asked Wolf if he would stay with him and talk turns to attraction. Wolf says he doesn't label himself sexually and grabs Connor's hand. Seeing no resistance from his friend, he leans down and starts kissing Connor. Soon the guys have their shirts open and are making out chest to chest on the bed. Connor slips his hands down Wolf's pants and the guys free their raging boners from their jeans. Wolf takes Connor's full length into his throat, getting his friend nice and hard so that he can stick it inside his asshole. After a passionate fuckfest, Wolf explodes in a huge burst of cum, followed immediately by his new close friend Connor.