About Icon Male

Icon Male is a gay romance studio from Mile High Media and director Nica Noelle, featuring genuine and intimate exchanges between performers, telling some of the most taboo stories and themes captivating gay men today. Since its launch in 2014, Icon Male has seen lots of success thanks to its passionate fanbase, winning two Grabby Fan Favorite Movie Awards for Brandon Wilde's First Gangbang in 2017, and Baby Boy in 2016. ''Our fans are what make us so successful, and have proven to support us with multiple fan voted awards' comments Nica Noelle; 'We are very fortunate to have such a strong fan base.' So what is it that's made the movies of Icon Male so popular amongst fans? 'Passion, intimacy, real body language - these are universal indicators of great sex. I've also stuck to my formula of putting ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. My characters aren't exotic or avant-garde; they're everyday men facing everyday temptations,' Noelle added. 'Hot sex is hot sex, whether it's two men, or two women, or a man and a woman, or a transwoman. This is the approach I always take, and fans see this in Icon Male.' Icon Male's success started with their debut title Forgive Me Father. 'In this series, parishioners go into the confessional booth seeking forgiveness, and as they confess we revisit the sins they've committed. I grew up very Catholic, and I've been to confession quite a bit, so I make it as authentic as possible,' Noelle said. Other popular titles include The Graduation, an erotic family drama putting a new twist on taboo relations, Daddy Dilemma, a sex-filled tale of a greedy younger man and two sex-starved daddies, and In The Closet 1 and 2, a series where the lives of closted men secretly overlap. 'We are very pleased to have Nica working with us' said Jon Blitt, vice president of Mile High Media. 'She is a mastermind at her craft and creates gay and straight erotica like no other. There is no one else we would team with for our gay romance line'